Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just Checking In Before 2009

It's been a whirlwind of a week. We've had the craziest weather, and our driveway is like an ice rink. My husband is wonderful about not letting me fall, which would be quite dangerous if it were to happen now.

We've had a crazy busy social calendar, what with doctor's appointments, trips across the border to get fun mail, taking dinner to friends, meeting for brunch with a favorite blogger friend, having other friends over, and still more to come this week. I think we have two more dinner engagements this week and a private childbirth course to get through.

After Sunday evening, when all on our calendar is said and done, I'd be game to give birth. Okay, maybe not. I'm petrified. But ready. Still afraid. But also longing to give up my Zantac addiction, sleep on my stomach actually lying down, and be able to paint my toes and tie my shoes all by myself.

For an introvert who prefers to keep social engagements to less than one per week, we sure have a full calendar. But everything thus far has been utterly wonderful, and I wouldn't trade any of our social things. Still, this redhead is tired. Our latest guests are on their way home; the dishes are washing thanks to electronic technology, and I'm headed to bed to put my feet up and see if the cankles will go away overnight. (I always wanted full calves, but this is most decidedly not what I imagined. It will be nice to have that part over with soon.)

Good night for now. I'll catch you next year.

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