Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Old Dogs Take Time To Learn New Tricks

So my private blog still operates with the old blogger format, and I use html language to change anything. When setting this blog up, I was forced to use the new blogger, which isn't too bad, but does have limitations that aren't fun. It's just so template driven and the choices are mostly made for you already. I find that a wee bit boring, and it gives me no excuse to call my comp-sci friend from college to have him teach me html over the phone. He probably appreciates that though, since he's still most likely basking in the euphoria of being a newlywed.

Anyway, I should tell you that it took me awhile to realize you couldn't see the links I put in the way I saw them. My wonderfully capable and techno-savvy cousin informed me that I needed to actually pick a font color for links. Oops. So that has now been rectified. If you read some posts and wondered where the links were, they were indeed there but were just hiding from you. Now they should be more visible. I even remembered to pick two colors - one for links you might want to visit, and one color for links you've already visited.

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