Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snowed In For Christmas

We here in the Pacific Northwest (can this American call it that in my neck of the Canadian woods?) are snowed in completely. This is the kind of snow one sees east of us, like in Manning Park. This is not the kind of snow we ever see in our town. We are too close to the ocean for that. But not today. Today we have snow of Northern Indiana proportions in the early 80's, at least the kind of snow a redhead remembers when she was eight. (And isn't everything bigger when you are eight?)

The pics aren't spectacular, as I took them in seconds from our front window looking into the front yard belonging to our landlord, and the driveway we all share. But you get the idea. Church is cancelled tonight.

Oh, and I'm am thanking God for an early Christmas gift of hot water. A repair man who was recommended by the manufacturers of the boiler came out and worked yesterday. I knew he was a dream when he put on booties to walk through my house and he brought a tool bag so he wouldn't be putting his metal monstrosities on my furniture. Yes, my friends, he was competent and courteous. And it appears we can take hot showers, wash dishes, and do laundry all without having to boil water on the stove. The most luxurious Christmas gift I've ever received. =)

Merry Christmas! And if you are related to G-ma Christmas Gift, well then, an early (and practice only) CHRISTMAS GIFT!!!!!!! to you.


Grace said...

Wow, lots of snow! Very pretty! Too bad they don't know how to plow up there!

Have a loved day tomorrow and please know that I'll be thinking about you guys alot!!

Sarah said...

How wonderful!! Snow and hot water - does life get any better ?? S