Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hope In The Cold

We are in the midst of an adventure. The boiler that provides the radiant heating to our landlord's house and our suite, as well as heating all the water we use for other things quit working last week. But after some strange happenings, it perked up again and kept us going just until the repair guys could finally come. The repair guys began their work yesterday, not only to fix the boiler but to fix our gas fireplace (yes, we are quite cold in this place), and they are back again today. It's going to be a rather large job.

We asked some friends down the road if we could use their shower to get ready for a company party tonight in Vancouver. Upon our return from that, we stopped to check the mail at the bank of boxes at the end of our road. There was a package waiting for us to pick up a couple miles away, so we just turned around to go get it since we were already out and my driving days are numbered until after Grasshopper's arrival.

It was so cold and my hair was wet, so I stayed in the car while my husband went in to retrieve the package. We noticed an older gentleman putting up signs with reflective tape that said, "Will work for food or money". In our area, most of the time, we just see guys asking for handouts. Because our climate is normally mild, there are a lot of homeless and poor around us. But we currently have snow and below average temperatures, and it's not fun being out there - even for a girl who loves snow.

Well, we don't have any work to offer, and we really don't have much to offer ourselves. If you only knew what adventures we've had lately, and what the cost has been, you would realize that the amazing blessings we do have come from God's provision. We found ourselves going to a drive-thru, ordering a couple burgers, and taking it back to the gentleman. After all, if God is going to keep on providing for our needs, we can't stand by when we could provide for someone else.

This life I'm living sure is different than I ever imagined. And to be honest, I wouldn't trade it for all the financial security in the world, nor would I trade it to have my new Rav4 back. I never thought I'd say that or believe that, but I do. There are just too many things that make this life I get to live now richer than my old one, and growing brave enough to see that gentleman as a fellow person and being able to look directly in his eyes and talk to him is one of them.

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