Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So Many Ways To Make A Difference

This blog is always quiet on the comments sent to my box, but I know some of you are actually reading. While my current calling seems to be a combination of motherhood and homemaking and advocacy for women with birth injuries, a young woman I know of has another calling. I just thought I'd post one of her videos here for you to watch. It will link you to other related videos and ways to get more information about the Not For Sale campaign. I figure posting it might make someone out there sense a calling on their life for this particular subject. (Again, you'll probably want to go directly to YouTube to watch this. I'm thinking that perhaps my template is cutting the video in half, but don't have time to rectify that today.)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Part of My New Calling & Passion

I sit here with a metaphorical hole in my heart and a wondering of when it will be healed. The literal hole that was once a fistula caused by trauma during childbirth looks to have finally been healed, though I won't be out of the woods for some months. But the lingering effects of living with a fistula and dealing with the aftermath of a lack of appropriate, knowledgeable, and timely medical care here in BC have put a great toll on my heart and mind.

I never wanted to be an advocate for other women, but my situation has opened my eyes to the calling and the great responsibility I have to educate women and medical practitioners of so many issues involving childbirth and maternity care. There is so much I would say today, but simply do not have the words that can pierce through my emotions at this moment.

So until I have those words, I want to leave you with two things. First, this idea...."evil triumphs when good people do nothing." Don't be someone who allows evil to triumph. Too many people are willing to agree but then sit and do nothing. Please be somebody who agrees and does something. Even a little something.

And that leads me to my second thing I leave you with, a tiny way to do something. Watch the video, research, look up the terms "obstetric fistula", learn what obstructed labor is and imagine what it would be like to experience that with no medical care (or in my case, with inadequate and inappropriate medical care), and sign the petition or write letters. (For some reason, this isn't wanting to post with the entire picture visible. But if you click on the title in the video box, it will take you directly to YouTube to watch.)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

At Long Last.....JOY

Hi everybody! I am full of excitement to share a few things with you.

1. The last thing the surgeon used to help heal the fistula is finally out and I am on the road to healing once and for all. Now I can get back to doing physical therapy to get back in the shape that lets me run and climb!

2. The hospital chose to write off a huge portion of our bill, and so we were able to pay everything in full today. This leaves us enough to cover our expenses for physical therapy this coming year. Thank you for helping me eat this elephant!!!!! You played a huge part in my recovery, and I am so very grateful.

3. I want to write more, but a toddler is systematically undoing all the work I just did cleaning up the place before his daddy arrives. I better run, but will try to pop in again soon and share a few things.