Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Managed To Be More Like Marilla, And I'm Glad

Well, this morning I am not paying for soaring on the heights of ecstasy by dealing with the inevitable thud. Thankfully, I didn't let myself get too excited.

The hot water is gone again.

We don't know what we'll be doing, as Christmas Eve and the shutting down of businesses is just hours away.

Oh my. The adventurous life is getting old. I'm ready for calmness, hot water, an easy birth anytime now, the ability for our town to actually plow the roads, and for something in life to go easily. But I have a feeling it's a pipe dream at the moment, and instead we're being thrust into survival mode in just about every aspect of life.

And so we wait. And we do our best to keep our heads. But it isn't easy.

1 comment:

FarmWife said...

I'm praying Grasshopper holds off on his arrival until after you have hot water & heat! But I'm also praying you have it long before the holidays.