Saturday, April 25, 2009

Glorious Naptime

My baby is napping. He did not nap yesterday for any real length of time thanks to various interruptions into our peaceful little world. So last night and today he is seemingly making up for it. While I should be showering and getting into real clothes as it is decidedly past noon, I am instead enjoying reading a few cookbooks borrowed from the library, catching up on blog reading, and just thinking in the quiet of my home.

And this is what I'm thinking....

Are there other women out there who experienced traumatic birth injuries to themselves? Did they also long for a book to read that could identify with their experiences? Did they too wish that someone could really understand them? Did they also go through thinking about suffering, strength, and endurance? Did they too wonder if there were a greater good intended in all of this?

Do I have a book in me? Do I need to have a book in me? Is there a reason? Would anyone else be interested or helped by that kind of thing? Even though there a billions of books about a zillion other subjects out there?

This is what I wonder in the stillness of my home right now. Maybe if the words come I'll write a book. And maybe if it's any good I'll see about sharing it somewhere in some way.

But right now, I'm just thinking about it.


MamaVee said...

I too had a difficult birth, and required many months of physiotherapy to recover. It is so difficult to not be whole, and also to have to care for a baby - as mothers we always put their welfare a head of our own, and this takes its toll on our bodies.

I have no books to recommend, but I have heard good things about Solace For Mothers They provide an online support community which brings together other mothers recovering from traumatic childbirth.

And if you haven't heard of/already seen this documentary: A Walk To Beautiful you might like to check it out. You can watch it in its entirety online.

May you know the peace of God in your difficulty and may you heal well and fully.

Kimberly said...

As a writer I have to say go for it. If you have a book in you it can be a most uncomfortable feeling until you get it out.

I imagine it's the sort of thing that would help you as much as it would help anyone else.

Kelly said...

There are lots of women who are unhappy with their birthing experiences. Many of them are angry that they ended up with c-sections that were medically unnecessary. I realize that in your case a c-section might have been a better option but you might be able to find some help from these women.

I'm not aware of any specific books but you could ask on the ican boards.

I found this resource for you