Thursday, January 15, 2009

On Flexibility

So having a baby means you make plans, change them, change them again, change them again, and then discover you can indeed be as flexible as a contortionist if you really find it necessary.

This is a life lesson you would be wise to remember for times, like say, when the boiler repair guys put your landlord off for the second week in a row and they are no shows to fix the boiler in the room your parents will be using in less than 24 hours. But you will still want to throw a fit, because you will find so many reasons why what is happening didn't have to happen. And it will seem like giving birth was rocket science, while this situation was Kindergartener's play. And you'll wonder why in the world everyone else isn't as intelligent and wise as you would have been were you the one administering the repair plans. But you would do well to be flexible anyway. Your blood pressure will stay low; you'll gain another step in maturity; and after all, this is not life or death. Childbirth is. Broken boilers are just a pain in the rear, but not life or death. (Granted, childbirth is a pain in the rear too, literally, but we're not going there.)

So the baby thing is real. I did it. Not at all like I planned, but that's okay. Why? Because I am discovering that I'm one courageous and strong woman, even if I still feel like a wimp who hates pain. But considering the recovery process and its very interesting complications (which I will not explain) and the fact that I'm being a good mama despite my own infirmities, I am a woman who is stronger and can go through more than she realized. "How did I do this," you ask? Well, behind every strong woman is a stronger God. And if she's really blessed, not only will she have a very big God giving her strength, but she will have a husband standing alongside her every step of the way giving her his strength. And those two persons will show her what is inside of her.....determination, guts, strength, the ability to be flexible, and courage.

If she can just remember that in relation to boiler repair issues, she will be set.

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Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Amen. Beautifully written...