Monday, November 24, 2008

A Very Keen Giveaway

I'm about to write a post because I would really love, love, love to get my husband a pair of shoes for free. But, just so you won't forget, please, please scroll down and read the next post about my dad's friend, Bill Kennedy. Now, back to something I'm really keen on.

The Daring Young Mom is having a giveway over at her place for one person to win one item of their choosing over at Keen's website.

If you visit the site, figure out what you would love to win, and go leave her a comment on this post, she will give you one entry into the the contest. And if you write up a shameless plug like I'm doing and go back with the link to your post on her comment form, she will give you another one.

Personally, I'd like to win so I could shod my husband's feet in something really comfy and wonderful, even though that means I'd be passing up the Mary Jane's I've been wanting for a long time. But my hubby is wonderful, and I'd love to surprise him with something this cool, and I know he would never go for it if he knew I'd spent the last of my babysitting money on him for shoes.

So that's what I'm keen on today.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh I hope you win! Mod*Mom is also giving them away if you want to enter there!


Kimberly said...

Hope you win, hun!

I actually met Daring Young Mom once. She's just as funny and delightful in person. =)