Friday, November 21, 2008

Anyone Thirsty?

So this post isn't for a contest or anything, and I have no idea if anyone will read it or not. But I wanted to share something.

Yes, I'm going to share a link. And yes, it's clearly connected with church-going folks. BUT, the whole idea doesn't have to be pigeonholed in Christianity. I think
the whole world could take part. After all, doing the right thing isn't just for people who subscribe to a particular religion. So if church isn't your thing, don't
tune me out yet.

Think back to the gifts you got last year for Christmas, birthdays, etc. Can you list them all? Every single one? And which ones changed your life for the better, made you joyful all year, and succeeded in finally making you fall in love with your hips? Any of them? Just asking.

Okay. Now think about what it would be like if you had a little pool of water in your neighborhood. All your neighbors got to share it with you. You used it for washing clothes, since your Whirlpool front loader just disappeared. You used it for washing dishes, because your dishwasher quit on you. You used it for bathing your thousands of body parts. You used it for brushing your teeth. You used it for cooking. Oh yes, and you used it for drinking. So did all your neighbors. The same pool of water. Doesn't that sound like a recipe for giardia or cholera? Oh yes, and your neighborhood isn't close to any medical care. So you're stuck with the bacterial infestations racking your body. So are your children. So are your neighbors.

Now that we've used our imaginations, let's head back to reality. The reality is this.

Americans spend a disgusting amount of money on gifts. We rack up credit card debt to buy things we think others need or want. Some of what we buy really is needed or wanted. But a lot of it isn't. And then we moan and groan in January when the credit card bills come and we discover that we spent more than we earned. In this economy, that's even sicker than normal.

So what if we did something different?

What if, for a tiny portion of what we spend collectively every year on gifts, we spent less and used the money we saved to bring clean water to a neighborhood?

Whether you believe Jesus is God or you think he was just a really loving guy way back in history, I think that he would approve of this idea in place of celebrating the day known as his birth. Here are some links to check out if you're so inclined....

Advent Conspiracy
Blood Water Mission
Living Water International

Here's a cool video you can check out too. It's from one of the early groups who decided to collectively give less and give the money for a clean water project instead.

I hope your Christmas is filled with meaning and beauty and satisfaction. And I wish you peace and joy and love.

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