Saturday, April 30, 2011


In just a few hours, we'll roll out of bed before the sun even thinks about shining and get on our way. My husband and a friend of his are running in a marathon to honor a dear friend who was our home group leader before he died in a horrible wreck just three days after Christmas. He was many things, a runner being one of them. So these two men who loved and respected him are going to be giving their best to run in a marathon to honor him and provide a little something for his wife and four kiddos. I'm praying for a good beginning and a good finish and for no injuries.

This one is for you, Myron. We love you and we miss you more than we can say. But we hope you and Jesus are smiling as you cheer these two zany guys on as they run for you and your family. Oh, and if you have any pull with some guardian angels, this redhead wouldn't mind if you sent a couple to run with these two guys. =)


sarah said...

What a fantastic thing to do. Well done to your husband and his friend.A wonderful tribute.Wishing them a good run. Sarah x

Jackie's Adventures in the Ordinary said...

Hope it went well! What a wonderful honor you paid to your friend!