Friday, April 1, 2011

Listen to Your Mother

Mamas are all different the world around and yet so very much the same. We love with all we have and all we are. Some talented mamas used their words and put the beauty of motherhood on display last year. I share it with you because I thought you might want to gift yourself with this bit of encouragement just as I did after the dishes were finally finished, the laundry was halfway in process, and the two males in my life were fast asleep in bed.

This is amazing and well worth your time. (click on that link and it will take you to a vimeo video of the Listen to Your Mother performance directed by Ann Imig)

I hope you are as encouraged and blessed as I have been in watching this.

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Layla said...

Hi! I keep trying to find your email address - I know I have it somewhere! - to thank you for the suggestions on my post re: er, going to the bathroom. I got everything you suggested and, SUCCESS! Not an enjoyable experience, but a successful one either way. Thank you so much for commenting and giving me advice - it helped SO much. You're right, those prunes aren't half bad (but I'm not going to start eating them daily...they aren't THAT good...). :D Hope you are well!!! <3, Layla