Monday, April 12, 2010


Songs are so important to humans and animals alike. Really.

I asked my friend from church to email me a copy of the songbook we use in prayer group so I could have all the words with me to sing during the time I was going through surgery and recovery here in Missouri. I found myself singing them softly to myself whenever my anxiety would start to climb.

My son has a few songs that immediately calm him and help him fall to sleep, and he has songs he loves to splash and clap to when he's in the tub. He even has a cd of special songs that bring a bit of happiness if he's getting tired of being in the car.

I've been wanting to tell everyone about four songs that are especially written for those facing terminal illness or know that they are in the last chapter of their life. He's a doctor who is well acquainted with people and their questions about how to face the fact that we are all mortal. This guy is really talented and has a heart that is genuine. He has provided these songs in a free download for anyone. I highly recommend at least clicking on the link to listen to them. My favorite is the first one called "Is There Any Hope For Me", but all of them are good. I hope you take the time to be blessed by them. For me, though I knew in my head that this whole saga wasn't "life or death", I also was keenly aware of how fragile life is and did have to face some deeply personal questions and thoughts in this past year.

Anyway, I hope you are blessed by those songs, and I hope you find yourself finding more songs of your own that fill your life with joy and peace.

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