Sunday, July 4, 2010

Prayers for a Family Needed

One of my favorite blogs is by Angie Smith. She has a friend, Adrienne, who also write a special blog. Adrienne and her husband have been on an incredible journey that has led to three adoptions and one biological birth. She gave birth last night to a baby boy named Bennett Isaac at 26 weeks 5 days gestation. You can read about this little man on her blog here. Because he stopped growing a few weeks ago, he's even tinier than the normal almost 27 weeker, and he's really struggling. I would ask you to pray for this family and just to be thinking of them. My only connection with them other than the fact that they live close to my brother is that I once bought Tupperware from one of their adoption sponsors to help them raise money. I don't know them personally, but my heart goes out to them. Please pray. Regardless of what ends up happening today, I know this journey is going to be tough and hard on their hearts. Thanks!


Katie J said...

I just saw a movie you might be interested in. It is called "A Walk to Beautiful" It is about childbirth injuries incurred by African women and the clinic that helps repair their injuries. I streamed it from Netflix but would imagine it is available from other sources.

P.S. I saw your comment on Angie's blog.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, I hadn't heard about this. I do hope all is ok.


Sarah said...

Hello Inkling.I just visited on this little chap's blog. What an amazing family. I'm sorry it took me so long to get there but I will keep visiting and keep thinking of them all and sending positive thoughts.Makes me realise how incredibly lucky I am.Hope you are ok. Sarah x